Well…I need a workbench for my new found hobby. This is way better than four folding tables all over the garage with tools scattered everywhere.


First the garage gets cleaned out a little bit. Shelves cleaned out and moved. Inversion table for sale, wagon for sale, TV going to the dump, etc. Spring cleaning in the winter is so FUN! Why did I start this hobby in the winter?? I worked on the bench one day and took a break of cleaning for two days because it was too cold!

My future projects will be so much easier with some organization and cleanliness. Maybe we’ll be able to park more than one car in our 3-car garage!

I got the plans for the bench from Shanty 2 Chic. And didn’t use the wheels. I still want to have cabinets, trying to decide if I’m going to build or buy. Depends on price!

Mike went riding and I cut all the pieces and laid it out. I used the keg jig to connect the 2×4 and 2×6 leg pieces, then you won’t see any screws. The whole table was supposed to be built that way- but it is a workbench and it’s easier to have showing screws. So screw it. Haha.

The plans called for only one piece at the center shelf, I added two more.
I was scared to use my new circular saw, (that I got for Christmas). But it worked really well and I liked the laser beam. The 49″x97″ 3/4″ MDF, I had Home Depot cut it in half (which made it easier to load in the truck, it was really heavy!) I did all the measurements for the top piece of 24 1/2″ x 96″. I had to use the circular saw to cut the bottom shelf to 18″x90″.
I had Mike help me screw the table together, I remeasured before I cut the shelves, and then placed them on top and they all fit perfectly!
Garage before: