IMG_8820Hello and Happy New Year!! While I am in the process of fixing my blog, I am still going to write and post. 🙂

So many people want to lose weight when the new year starts. Well I am one of them! I’m going to keep a daily journal on here, not sure if I’ll post it everyday or what- but we’ll see! I always do much better when I keep a food journal. Either here or myfitnesspal. And weigh myself everyday. Some people say not to weight everyday- more like once a week. But if I weigh everyday I can remember what I ate the day before and make adjustments to the current day, etc.

Here are some of my goals:

For the month of January:

  • Drink one green smoothie every single day!
  • Push-ups everyday. Min 20.
  • No simple sugar (1 cheat, once a week)
  • No white bread
  • Take my Plexus supplements
  • Make and follow 1/2 marathon training plan for March Zion 1/2 & April Hollywood 1/2

For the year:

  • Lose weight like 20 lbs! Preferable by March.
  • Gain muscle- I don’t know where it went!
  • Run more- at least 20 miles per week.
  • Exercise 5-6 days per week
  • Via my FitBit- 10,000 steps/day

More goals:

  • Finish my wood projects and flips that are in the garage; night stand to play kitchen, media center to lizard cage, paint dining table and 8 chairs, make benches from bed frames.
  • Make more pallet furniture.
  • Make a bed frame for our room.
  • Volunteer at the boys school. (Besides Room Mom 😉
  • Read to the boys at night more.

Well this is my intro and I’ll be posting pics as well. Just not ready yet! 🙂