Plexus 101

Ready for some Plexus 101?? Not sure which direction to go? Here are some ideas…

Option #1 – You want to improve your health, jump-start fat loss, lose weight & inches off your waistline & gain more energy! (you’re typically not on meds & don’t have sugar/carb cravings.) (Boost can be substituted w/Accelerator+)

Option #2 – You want to improve your health by gaining more energy, cleaning out your gut, flushing out toxins & bad bacteria & replacing with good, want to reduce sugar & carb cravings & wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds & inches off the waistline.

Option #3 – You want to improve your health, lose weight & inches, clean out your gut & replace bad bacteria with good, gain more energy, reduce sugar carb cravings & boost immune system.

Option #4 – You want ALL of the above- You want to improve your health by jump -starting fat loss, losing weight & inches off your waistline, gain energy, clean out your gut, flush out bad toxins & bacteria, reduce sugar cravings, help speed up metabolism & boost your immune system. (Boost can be substituted with Accelerator+)

Option #5 – You want to improve your health, gain more energy & want to control pain.

Option #6 – You want to improve your health, gain more energy, jump start fat loss, lose a few inches off your waistline & want to control pain.

These are just a few of the amazing combinations we provide.
Other products to consider are:

BLOCK: Slows the conversion of EXCESS carbs/sugars into fat by up to 48%!!!! Perfect for carb/sugar addicts or Diabetics looking to help balance blood glucose levels

FAST RELIEF NERVE HEALTH SUPPORT: Helps reduce & eliminate nerve pain from neuropathy, sciatica, pulled muscles & more. CLINICALLY PROVEN to re-grow nerves!

PLEXUS 96 PROTEIN SHAKES: Delicious, all-natural snack substitute. Perfect for active individuals looking to build muscle or those needing to increase their intake of protein. These contain NO artificial sweeteners, chemicals, dyes or toxins. They are truly all-natural & good FOR YOU! FINALLY back in stock!!

As a customer, the best price is to order “preferred” where you’ll get an automatic 10% off for the first 3 months that you order, then on month 4, your discount will double to 20%!!! Your products are set up to automatically ship BUT you can cancel, postpone or change your order at any time without penalties & still get the discount!!! Oh, and you also get a FULL 60 day money back guarantee at ANY time! Yea, if that’s not enough to go for it, I don’t know what else to say. 😉 Message me if you’d like product ingredients, pricing info, or more.