probio5 So…. do you use a probiotic? If you do, good for you! How does your probiotic compare to Probio5?? Two things that sets Probio5 FAR apart from any other probiotic on the market are:

*Chitosanase enzyme– this amazing enzyme goes to work to break down something known as biofilm. Biofilm grows around bacteria, fungus, candida, and viruses to protect these pathogens from being destroyed. If biofilm is not dealt with then how can candida and fungus be dealt with? simply put…it can’t. No matter how many billions of “friendly flora” a probiotic contains it can’t kill biofilm.

probio5label*Grape seed extract– once the biofilm has been taken care of, grape seed extract moves in for the attack. Grape seed extract is a powerful anti-fungal that literally kills candida yeast and fungus invading your body. No matter how many billions of CFUs a probiotic contains it can’t kill candida and fungus.

Once these two things have been dealt with, the “friendly flora” in Probio5 begins to repopulate the gut and your immune system, in time, will begin to thrive!

Now, go look at the ingredients list on YOUR bottle of probiotics and tell me if you find these two powerhouse ingredients. If you don’t, you might just want to rethink your probiotics effectiveness!!