tri-plexThe Tri-Plex Combo of products (Plexus Slim, ProBio 5, and Bio Cleanse) provides the optimum chance for your body to get healthy internally by getting so many systems and organs back in balance. But don’t take my word for it, Dietitian Jennifer George Pickett (My sister is Jennifer Sue Pickett) , feels it is fundamental for starting your body off on the right track to overall health. She shares about WHY she feels this way:

“Here’s some EYE-OPENING information: Your large intestine is about as long as you are tall with 70% of your IMMUNE system fostered in your gut. Meaning, the largest amount of cells in your body ARE NOT HUMAN, they are BACTERIA!! There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, but due to our lifestyles (eating high processed carbs and sugar filled foods, using antibiotics, stress, drinking alcohol, etc.) the bad bacteria can start to overgrow the good. This is when our bodies start to show signs that many of you experience…fatigue, sugar/carb cravings, skin issues (acne/oily), bloating, inability to conceive, migraines, inability to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise, brain fog (hard to focus), anxiety, stress, depression, skin/nail fungal infections, struggling to produce breast milk for nursing, eczema, being underweight, psoriasis, hives, rashes, allergies, irritability, mood swings, poor memory, baby weight that won’t come off and the list goes on and on….getting the picture? BACTERIA BALANCE (PROBIOTIC BALANCE) IS CRUCIAL TO OUR HEALTH AND HIGHLY IMPORTANT for our day to day functions!

So how does the Tri-Plex help? Slim is balancing blood sugar, therefore balancing the body and helping the body to work efficiently the way God created it to work. ProBio5 is restoring the healthy bacteria with 5 different bacterial strains. And helping to reduce the overgrowth of bad organisms like yeast by providing enzymes. The enzymes attack the cellular structure of these bad organisms. They can’t survive! Finally, the BioCleanse is ensuring that you are eliminating appropriately, while oxygenating your body.”

In other words, when PLEXUS attacks the root of these issues instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms, the immune system can finally do its job more efficiently. These products help regain that balance that is so essential so it can do the rest. And who benefits? YOU!
Each of our 16 products work together with your own body for maximum impact but beginning with these three can jump-start you onto the road to better overall health and wellness. Ready to get started?