3/19/16 Las Vegas Super Spartan

I am a Spartan! So that’s what everyone says after you do one. So there ya go! Kinda like Ironman! I finally did my first Spartan. About two years ago I was training really well for Ironman and Marathons, I was also cross-training doing Crossfit and Spartan training. All my friends went and did the Vegas and Utah one. I was in peak shape too but didn’t do one. My kids are young and my husband works on the weekends. I already had my plate full with other races. And my kid sports.

So the Las Vegas Super was actually held at the Mesquite MX park, I have been there many times for Moto. Never really thought I’d be running the course! Mesquite is only an hour away. My friend was signed up with a team and had been training like crazy. She said I should sign up, so I did! With about 3 weeks to go.

There are always discount codes roaming the Internet or my inbox, so I found one and signed up with Nicole’s team. Two weeks before I was able to go to my awesome friends house and train a little- after Connor’s soccer game. Since I arrived late, I missed all the running, but got to practice some obstacles.

TyAnn has a 6′ wall and maybe an 8′ wall. A traverse wall, rings, bars, tyrolean traverse, spear throw, atlas stone, bucket carry and a rope to climb. All at her house! She has other fun obstacles along the run. Don’t know who Ty is? Check her out here. She won the elite class in Temecula, as her first one! Ya, she’s pretty bad ass.

I’m so thankful to get at least one day of training in. Get some calluses and stress more that I’m unprepared. A week before the race I did the Vacation Races Zion 1/2 Marathon. I always said I would never run that race because it’s all uphill and expensive. But I volunteered and ran it with my friends. That was my second 1/2 of the year. So I wasn’t terrified of the running of Spartan, I was terrified of the strength I felt I didn’t have. Ahhh!

Football gloves

Best accessory! $11 youth football gloves from Walmart.

RACE MORNING: I fed my kids and sent them next door. To the best neighbors ever. Grandma June and Grandpa Jim. They even took them to Connor’s soccer game. Michelle and I pick up Nicole and Nicole’s friend and we head to Mesquite.

They say to arrive at least 90 minutes early. We park with a million other people. Figure out what to bring and head to check-in. They offer bag check for $5. But give you a coupon for $5 off of merchandise purchase. I didn’t bring a bag to check, I still was undecided what to wear. I was going to wear this waist pack for my gels and water and salt. But decided against it and checked it. I decided I wanted to carry a water and I would just throw it away if it was in the way. I ended up keeping it and carried it in my top during obstacles. I am so GLAD I had water. The stations were sparse and it became hotter the longer I was out there. Also, the top I happen to wear, had a zipper pocket in it perfect for a couple gels.

I ran with Michelle, this was her second one. She did the Utah Beast. We convinced her to sign up the week of. Lol. So I said I would stay with her the entire race, we’d do it together and have fun.

I was still nervous at this point. All these rock stars all over the place with no shirts and six packs. We take a few pics before we start, check our bags then get in line for our start. We start at 9:15am! Yes! Mesquite can easily get to 100 degrees. Fortunately, the weather was going to be perfect.

I loved seeing all of the So Utah people there. It was fun seeing friends on the course. They start waves every 15 minutes. There are always people everywhere. If you start after 2:pm you are required to have a headlamp in-case you’re slow, I mean finish in the dark.

The START: I still feel like I’m running blind. Don’t know what to expect. Just Go. All of a sudden everyone starts going, I’m like what’s happening? Are we starting? I didn’t hear any announcement. But I guess we all jump over this little wall first just to get to the actual start. The MC is pretty funny and tells us stuff. After all stuff is said, we yell “I am Spartan” a couple times. MC says some more funny stuff, then we take off.

The BEGINNING: We run through the whoops (part of a MX track) and head out of the area towards the river. We come to Hurdles, jump over them, run some more, we come to O-U-T, Over, under, through. This is the first time getting dirty, I take a deep breath and drop to the ground and slide under a wall. Ok, now I’m dirty! Let the fun begin!

We run through sand, sand and more sand. We get to a freezing river and walk through it. We are all walking, it’s about mid shin to knee deep, I’m wondering if competitive people would be running through this. There are some big rocks, you can’t really see the bottom. I’m LOVING my new shoes. Reebok All Terrain Super 2.0. $70 on Amazon. We finish the hike and run in more sand. And more sand. I’m thinking my shoes aren’t draining as much as I thought they would. But I love them.

There are Spartan people at each obstacle to either tell you what to do, or tell you if you are allowed help or not.

So I’m not going to remember everything in the right order, but here is what I got.

Atlas Carry: We picked up a round smooth cement rock, carry it over to a flag and back. Pretty easy.

6′ wall: Easy Peasy.

Memory Game: Look up your last two numbers- there is a word and a 7-digit number. Remember it. Just before the sand bag carry- you tell them it and no burpees if you’re right!

Water Station just before Spear Throw. I miss. 30 burpees. WHY WAS THE WATER STATION NOT RIGHT AFTER THE SPEAR THROW?? I’d like to know the % of how many people made it. #FAIL

Stairway to Sparta: I think this is it: climbed on a hay bale, jumped to an inverted wall and climbed over. Easy.

A wall to an wood A-frame thing to climb over and down. Easy.

Monkey Bars: These were uneven. I’m short. Had to hop to the bars. Wasn’t expecting the bars to be so thick. I made it up, then down, but couldn’t make it back up again. So I dropped at half way. Darn. Burpees. #FAIL

Plate Pull: Not sure of the actual name. Girls had one sandbag, guys, two. And we had to pull it about 30′ then pull it back. The sand bags were on a medal plate with a rope attached.

7′ wall: Easy. I love walls, only because I practiced them at Ty’s! You can’t be afraid to scratch your legs, cuz that’s what I use to get over. I wore capri’s just for the walls.

Vertical cargo. Fun! Tall! Easy!

Z-walls: This is the traverse wall. Michelle just pushed me against the wall and I made it through fine. Getting around the 90 degree corners was a little tricky.

More monkey bars contraption thingy. A hanging pole to sideways slide your hands over to rings, rings to shorty ropes, shorty ropes to a bell. Well I made it to the rings. Burpees. #FAIL

Some other things…idk what.

Memory Game: India 3577992. YES. NO BURPEES.

Hill to get to the sandbag carry: 20# bag for the girls. Awesome. Easy. We ran or walked, out down up over and back. Not to far. I was DREADING this because I hate getting sand on me when we train with actual sand bags. These bags were neoprene and didn’t leak. As soon as I went home I Amazoned (is that a word?) Well I didn’t Goggle it- I went straight to Amazon. Hehe. They can be pricey.

Hills. These are not obstacles. But they are there. Up and down, up and down. One had a camera and we took a pic!

Now on the MX track. Climb over giant tractor tires, go up steep hill. Barb wire crawl #1. It’s short and dry.

Down steep hill, barb wire crawl #2 through wet dirt, not too muddy. Lots of traffic. Have to wait. I can just about crawl on my hands and knees through most of it. I rolled a couple times. Too many people in the way.

Rolling Mud: mud hole. Not too bad.

Dunk wall: I was not looking forward to this. I hated getting my face wet. They should have had pictures here. I’m sure I looked awesome. LOL. I jumped in the water and it was deeper than expected. A bunch of rocks got in my shoes. I had to get them out after the next wall.

Over walls: easy.

Bucket Carry: Fill with rocks. Girls have a shorter fill line then the men. 🙂 We carried it around up and down and around back, dumped the rocks over a wall for the next people to do it.

Much needed WATER STATION. I was out of water since before the sand bag carry. I was dying.

Maybe a wall here?

Tyrolean Traverse. I was not going to fail this. I wore knee high socks just for this. It was hard. But I did it. I rang that bell. Where is my pic for this??

Rope Climb: Ya the rope was wet, I couldn’t get a grip and I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t surprised. Burpees. #FAIL I asked a guy to ring my bell for me while he was up there. I don’t think he heard me. But the ref said he could do my burpees for me! He didn’t.

Hercules Hoist. Ok. I loved this at Ty’s. (A year or two ago) Well it was freakin heavy today. A girl came up and and helped me, then I helped her. You had to do it twice if you got help.

Fire Jump.


Look at those dirt eyebrows!!

So, I ran it with my friend and we had fun. The teams around us were fun and everyone was helping everyone. We were definitely not with the competitive people, but it was fun to talk to people, see where they are from and maybe even do a Ragnar with strangers! Lots of fun and I can’t wait to do another! Why did I wait so long to do one?? And did I mention they are cheaper than an Ironman. And you don’t have to swim 1.2 miles!

Run, get dirty, get some bruises. What more can you ask for?? This was heaven and I already signed up for a regional pass. Say what?? Monterey, Utah and Temecula are on my to do list.

If you haven’t done one. DO ONE!! It was so fun and there are so many different levels out there. I was intimidated at first, but you shouldn’t be. Everyone is willing to help, cheer and motivate. I think it is one of my favorite races ever done. Even if it took us 4:05 to complete!

All the pictures were free courtesy of Spartan! Thank goodness because I can’t take my phone. I wanted to take a ton of photos, there were so many great opportunities. Maybe I will try a GoPro. There were quite a few of those out there.

So what do I need to do now? Run, lift, run, burpees, run, climb a rope, run… And find some friends to do it with me. 🙂

Up next: Hollywood 1/2 in two weeks!

Thanks for reading!