Wow! I haven’t written a post in a long time! I dusted off the iPad keyboard and it still works! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did and we are still enjoying the break! I have my two nephews which are keeping my boys entertained for another few days. And yesterday we went to Zion for some hiking. About 8 miles!

Refrigerator Canyon definitely earned its name yesterday!

I have signed up for am 8-week challenge at Crossfit Black Ridge! And we are in teams, so I will be held accountable. We have to take DEXA scan, I take mine next Thursday. So…I start eating right then?? I’ll do another post on just that topic.

I also got an Apple watch for Christmas from my wonderful husband! I plan on comparing it with my Garmin 235, but I will still use my Garmin for running and biking. Again- another blog post in detail coming soon.

Garmin 235 vs Apple Watch Series 2

AND I also signed up for a 2017 run the year in miles challenge! But there’s just no way I can run 2017 miles! My best year was 710 miles in 2013. Along with biking 865 miles and swimming 28.5 miles and of course CrossFit.

2014 was 520 miles and in 2015 580 running miles, 19 swimming miles. 2016 I have 602 miles with 2 days left!

I have teamed up with my running buddy Nicole and we plan to split the miles. I’d like to run 1300 miles which is 25 miles/week. ¬†Another detailed post on that coming. I can’t even log in until the 1st!

Well I plan to write more posts, run more, eat better and be happy. Isn’t that what everyone’s goals are?? See you next year!

Evan & I!