Here is my wonderful family! Mike and I have been married nine years and together 17 years, oh my! Evan is eight and Connor is six. Evan is in a dual immersion program at school and is learning Chinese! Connor is excited to start it next year, it’s starts in 1st grade.


We have lived in Utah for 10 years and it has been great! We love Zion and all the friends we have made. I grew up in Anaheim, CA and played HS sports. In the summer of maybe ’94- driving home from the gym one day- my step-dad and I saw some old dual sport bikes in a front yard, he bought them and I learned how to ride!  I met Mike at Starwest MX park in 1998. The rest is history. 🙂



I’m excited to share with you that I’ve decided to join Plexus as an ambassador – A health and wellness company. I’ve never really been a vitamin or supplement person before. Just running or working out is not enough. Sometimes I eat good and sometimes I don’t. But just after two days I noticed a difference using ProBio5. (A Probiotic) And I’m anxious to see the health benefits after 30 and 60 days while taking their product.

I will update my blog with before, during and after assessments. I have a good 15+lbs to lose and Plexus Slim will be there to help curb my desire for sweets all while tasting delicious.

They have 15 amazing products for weight loss, detox, pain relief, vitamins and more. Including an Omega 3*6*9+5*7 supplement that is plant based! If you would like more information please message me or visit my website:

This is my morning regiment before breakfast. I drink 10oz of Plexus Slim mixed with water and take two XFactor vitamins and two MegaX Omega supplements. –  Message me with any questions. 🙂