Plexus 101

Ready for some Plexus 101?? Not sure which direction to go? Here are some ideas… Option #1 – You want to improve your health, jump-start fat loss, lose weight & inches off your waistline & gain more energy! (you’re typically not on meds…


Journal Entry 1st-5th

Green Smoothie

Morning! Well I’m posting this a little late. The first half of January has been pretty busy. 01-01-16 Weight: 159.0 Yikes! Right?! Today is the day I start no sugar, as in treats, and no white bread and no junk. We were camping…


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!!

Hello and Happy New Year!! While I am in the process of fixing my blog, I am still going to write and post. 🙂 So many people want to lose weight when the new year starts. Well I am one of them! I’m…


Merry Christmas!

Hello!! My poor blog has been down because of malware. I’m in the process to get it going again. Hopefully by the new year! Not sure if I’ll get my old posts back or not. They are in a database. Stay tuned for…


Solid 2’x8′ Workbench for $70.00

Well…I need a workbench for my new found hobby. This is way better than four folding tables all over the garage with tools scattered everywhere. First the garage gets cleaned out a little bit. Shelves cleaned out and moved. Inversion table for sale,…


St George Marathon 10-5-13

Marathon #4 is done. FINALLY! Just a little bit of stress coming up to it. Tapering is so tough. You doubt everything you’ve done. Did I run enough or too little, did I eat enough veggies, did I do enough speed work, did…


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